Youth Halaqat

Youth Halaqat
Circles of Knowledge

Nurture People. Inspire Change.

Our Youth Department is a crucial part of our system. It is run by the youth of our community, for the youth in our community. The programs that the department organizes range from Islamic Lectures, Monthly Revives, Weekly Halaqas (circles of knowledge New York), and other Recreational Events and Trips. We want to attend to the needs of the young adults who come to our doors, and we want to leave a positive impact on them when they walk out of them. We aim to keep them spiritually and socially engaged within our center and outside of it.

Youth Halaqa on Saturdays: This weekly halaqa (circle of knowledge) is led by our Sheikh Abdelrehman Badawy for brothers and sisters of Ages 14+.  Each semester, the youth decide on a theme that they want to learn more about and engage in much needed and critical conversations along with the spiritual reminders.

Young Professionals Sister’s  Halaqa on Fridays:  This weekly halaqa  (circle of knowledge) aims to educate younger girls ages 23-38 on the religion by fostering a safe and comfortable environment of sisterhood and friendship. We know that this age is crucial in developing a sense of identity, and we want our sisters to feel like their curiosity and concerns could be understood and resolved through our discussions and activities.

Teen Brothers Saturday Night Program:  After the Youth Halaqa finishes, brothers of ages 14 to 21 stay with the Sheikh for discussions on critical topics they face everyday,  fun activities, pizza, and Q&A session.

Sister’s Circle of Knowledge Halaqa on Fridays: This weekly halaqa  (circle of knowledge) draws in an older crowd of sisters ages 21+ to our center. We wanted to give our Young Professionals their chance to grow and learn from each other by having their own space and time to strengthen their spiritual and emotional intelligence.

Young Professionals Halaqa on Wednesdays with Sh. Abdelrehman Badawy: Ages 23+

Halqas in the Nature:  Every year, our youth sisters hold an annual paint day at beach. We meet, eat, & enjoy each other’s company while displaying our artistic capabilities. Our annual summer paint day is a staple that brings together many sisters that we don’t often see. The paint days are open to anyone in the community, we love to bring in new faces!

As we teach our community about the religion inside our mosques , we also open the door for a change of scenery. Last year we began doing halaqat on the beach. This not only changes the scenery for many but also provides a place to hangout with friends & remain in good company afterwards.

Community Service: Giving back is not only a thing of virtue but also allows us to put our Religion into implementation.  Over the years we have built a strong group of volunteers that have assisted & led outreach programs. The youth volunteer in number of our Community Service Programs in NY:  Food Drives, Blood Drives, Community Cleanups, Plant a Tree Project, Voter Registration, COVID Testing & Vaccine Clinic etc.

Our Weekly Brothers’ and Sisters’ Halaqas bring us closer to one another and increase us in Iman.

These revives are an excellent way to provide tarbiya. They are organized and led by our youth, where they invite a speaker each month to talk on critical topics. Adults and youth attend these together and enjoy dinner afterwards.

The Annual Youth Camp are aimed to increase brotherhood and trigger a change in our hearts, is what our Youth need – so that’s exactly what we offer them. During the summer, we arrange a camp over a 3 day weekend with talks, lectures, camp fires, sports and more, our Youth have a setting in which they can enjoy the company of one another while gaining beneficial knowledge.

Every year our community holds several trips for the community. Locations vary from ice skating rinks to bowling & even beaches! The youth are able to connect not only with their community members but also Muslims from other boroughs through these trips.

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