PACE: POlitical activism & civic engagement

Political Activism & Civic Engagement


The PACE or Political Activism & Civic Engagement Department is an essential part of our organization. As Muslim Americans, we have to educate our community in civic affairs. We maintain this engagement through initiating public relations, political involvement, interfaith collaboration, and media outreach. We hold Town Hall meetings and attend local precinct meetings as well. Islamic values preach peace and social justice, and it is up to us to empower our community members to be future leaders and activists who believe in the importance of upholding these principles.

We have supported and participated in raising awareness for campaigns and social issues such as domestic abuse, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Our Prophet Our Honor.

Our community service projects include food drives, census drive, voter registration drive, blood drive, covid vaccine site, back-to-school give away, tree planting events, community clean-ups, and much more in Staten Island New York.

We are always up to Good


All of our activities and projects are centered around our mission to move people to strive for God-consciousness, liberty, and justice and to convey Islam with utmost clarity. Through these efforts, we hope that our vision of a just and virtuous society can one day be realized. The challenge is great and the road ahead will not be easy, but our faith and determination will get us there insha’Allah.

We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to our local communities, oppressed communities across the globe, and our mother earth. We are raising agents of change and that involves standing up for the causes we believe in! One small, focused step at a time.

Below are some of the projects we hold regularly throughout the year! Follow our social media to know what good we are up to these days!

More Community Service Projects

We host monthly food pantry with partnership of other organizaitons to support the local community

You will see our youth on the front lines when it comes to causes that matter: Black Lives Matter, Our Prophet Our Honor, Palestine etc.

We collaborate with other organizations to give out school supplies every summer

Our youth hosts bake sales, bingo boards, etc to raise funds for countries in crisis

We host annual community cleanups around the railroad tracks and the area surrounding the center.

We host two annal Blood Drives with New York Blood Center

We host Census and Voter Registration Drives and encourage our community to voice themsevles

We hosted popup vaccine clinic for anyone of ages 16+ and vaccinated 300+ people

Community Service by MAS Staten Island

We partner with other organizations to give out masks, hand sanitizers, and other supplies during COVID-19

Through out the pandemic we hosted many mental health workshops to provide support to those in need

Perfect opportunities are arranged, in collaboration with the chapter regular basis, for your voices to heard by your local officials

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