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With a diverse and growing population, the Muslim American community has been part of the fabric of America since its inception as a country. Recognizing that rich history and the strength of our community encourages us to envision an inclusive America where all people are treated with dignity and respect. MAS-PACE was founded in 2012 to engage and increase Muslim communities across the United States’ participation in mobilizing for change.

MAS-PACE is advocacy, community organizing, public affairs, and leadership development hub that firmly believes in the dignity and empowerment of the Muslim American community. We are a division under the Muslim American Society, a national grassroots organization.

What we do

Political Empowerment

Our focus is to educate and mobilize the Muslim American community to be active participants of democracy and be civically engaged.

Develop Leaders

Our training and workshops are designed to contribute to the growth of the individual and the benefit of the society by investing in people and their communities.

Build Community Power

We center communities most impacted by injustice as we invest in building people power from the ground up and translating that to real social change.

We’re Committed To

Mobilize for Change

MAS PACE is dedicated to lifting up the voices and visibility of Muslim Americans. With over 50 MAS chapters nationwide, we are building and engaging leaders to become agents for positive social change.

Civic Engagement

To successfully build an educated, engaged and motivated Muslim electorate with an integrated voter engagement strategy year-round locally and nationally.

Own Narrative

We are the authors of our own stories. MAS PACE works on curating spaces and developing relationships where we take charge of our own stories as a Muslim community and build a positive values-based narrative that centers our diverse Muslim population.


MAS PACE is dedicated to push the boundaries on advocacy, including organizing National Capitol Advocacy Days and working in coalition to engage in public policy.

Political Empowerment

Our democracy is strong when we all participate fully in the political process. By engaging in voter registration, building an informed and civically engaged community, and getting out the Muslim vote, we can shift the political landscape for better representation.

Social Justice

We are dedicated to building a world that is just and equitable. A world where we stand strong against injustice and declare loud and clearly #BlackLivesMatter, that families belong together and we must #ReuniteEveryChild. We support DACA and a #CleanDreamAct. Join us as changemakers for social justice.

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