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By the grace of Allah Subhanu’Tallu, we are expanding our center so that more children and youngsters can help us in achieving our mission of conveying Islam with clarity.  Donate to masjid in New York and contribute in building a well-integrated role model Muslin Community in American society
The Muslim American Society Center is located at 180 Burgher Avenue, 10304 in Staten Island. Since it opened its doors in 2011, it has been diligently serving Muslim community. All praise to Almighty Allah, the center has reached its full capacity and is soon to begin construction of a NEW center to meet the needs of our ever-growing Muslim population.
We have so many attendees at our regularly scheduled prayer meetings that we have needed more space for quite some time now. We felt that this was a need that goes best with our vision of building a center with a spacious praying area along with a youth lounge, where they can discuss and explore Islamic teachings. Due to the support of our kind-hearted and generous community members, we purchased two lots that are next to the center.
Now for the proper planning and construction of the new center, we need some more donations that would be a definite means of Sadaqa-e-Jariya for you. This expansion of MAS in Staten Island will increase our capacity by 4 folds. We will be able to organize Jummah Prayers on more huge area covering more people together. Also in Ramadhan, we had to put a rented tent on our parking lot to accommodate people for Taraweeh sessions. If by the will of Allah we expand our center, then we can arrange single Taraweeh sessions where you will be able to offer Taraweeh as one community.
We already have a large number of students, due to short of space we have to refuse students who are willing to enroll in MAS. With an expanded center we would be able to accommodate more students and organize Usrahs and monthly Qayam for the whole community.
For this, we need your help and your support in form of donations. Donating is an act of worship that purifies and elevates the soul. Donate to Masjid in NewYork generously and help us build one of the largest Islamic centers. May your donations be a means of Sadaqa-e-Jariya and brings you grow closer to Allah in this life and the next.

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