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Preteen Halaqa focuses on the boys and girls of our community ages 9-13. Instilling the love of Allah SWT and the religion into the hearts of our children at such an age will help them have stronger faith as they grow. Through talks and games, fun and education are guaranteed as the kids interact with our compassionate halaqa leaders and with each other. Our young Preteens are provided a safe and Islamic environment where they feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their daily experiences.

Goal of our Preteen Program: is to Teach Kids to Learn, Love, and Live Islam – Nurture lifelong, God-centered agents of change.


“Play with them for the first seven years (of their life); then teach them for the next seven years; then advise them for the next seven years (and after that).” – Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Once children reach 7, they are ready to learn. This is the time they are sponges, ready to soak up anything and everything you tell them, teach them, show them, and do in front of them. This is the time to teach them everything — Aqeedah, halaal and haraam, fiqh, all the things they need to know to survive throughout their life. Qur’an and Seerah are also very important; as one prominent tabi’een said, “we learned Seerah (frequently and in details) from our parents the way we learned Qur’an.”

Preteen Program

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