Join MAS SI’s Mission This Ramadan

Your Support Can Light Up Lives

The urgency to complete our Masjid Expansion project is as strong as ever. With a goal to welcome up to 4000 worshippers, Your contribution today can transform tomorrow, making space for more prayers and more learning. Let’s make this Ramadan special for our community.

Empowering Our Community

With the expansion project, MAS SI’s Masjid isn’t growing in size just to look beautiful. 

Instead it’s growing in size to serve, teach, and connect. 

From hosting two Taraweeh prayers to providing space for 4000 worshippers, every donation brings us closer to our goal. 

Your support provides a future where every member of our community can find Islam for himself.

Your Eternal Rewards

By supporting MAS SI’s Masjid expansion, you’re investing. 

Each contribution, large or small, becomes a part of the Masjid’s foundation, walls, and community services.

Imagine the rewards as thousands gather in the space you helped create, seeking and learning about Islam. 

This Ramadan, be the reason our doors stay wide open to welcome every heart.

Support Them With MAS SI

Your Zakat/Sadaqah can be transformational. Donate this Ramadan and
contribute to the future of MAS Staten Island to create a lasting effect for many generations to come.

A Community United

This Ramadan, MAS SI envisions our Masjid as a beacon of Islam, bringing together over 4000 souls.

Your support turns this vision into reality, allowing us to welcome every individual with warmth. 

Together, we create moments of shared joy and spiritual reflection. 

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