MAS New York Reverts Reconnect Department was created to give New Muslims and those interested in Islam a way to connect and grow. Our programs and services prioritize our brothers and sisters by providing specific emotional, spiritual, educational, and social support needed within their journey.

The day they enter the fold of Islam is the happiest moment of their lives, but the days and months that follow can be dicult and challenging on many levels. Due to this, the MAS NY leaders behind this department use their twenty-plus years of

community service to ensure that the program is designed and maintained in a way that is consistent with the growing needs of the Revert Community. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our brothers and sisters have a place to learn and grow spiritually. Our goal is to help our brothers and sisters to become better integrated into the larger Muslim community and flourish.

What do we do?

MAS NY Reverts Reconnect Department creates a brotherhood and sisterhood that allows people of all cultures to come together, to celebrate, and to enjoy their acceptance or rediscovery of Islam. Our carefully designed events, programs, and services provide the space and support to talk about what it is like to transition into a new way of life. Our department is answering all the questions and concerns these new brothers and sisters may have about family, work, marriage, and beyond.

We can’t wait for you to become a part of our MAS family!.


MAS NY Reverts Reconnect Department organizes annual Eid Extravaganzas for new Muslims and the entire community. We do this to provide new Muslims with a space to enjoy the two annual Eid’s and never have to celebrate them alone. We provide entertainment, prominent speakers, food, and much more. This really allows them to feel the joy that other born Muslims feel during these two special times of the year, thereby staying connected with the traditions of Islam.


MAS NY Reverts Reconnect Department hosts monthly meetups & seasonal get-togethers for the revert community. We share food, give emotional support, and talk about the monthly meetup topic chosen by attendees. We also plan seasonal get-togethers outside of our centers where we engage in activities, food, and fun that will give opportunities for our community to relax and connect with other Muslims in various settings.


MAS NY Reverts Reconnect Department’s main goal is to give reverts exactly what they feel they need. We survey our community to ensure that any events we choose are of high interest and cater to their specic areas of growth. More recently, many of our members have expressed the need to have more educational events such as: how to deal with non-Muslim family, how to give dawah, dealing with spirituality, the need for emotional support, rules and regulations of marriage, death, and burial in Islam, and much more. For that reason, their input is directly reflected in the events that we put forth. We will continually include their input in all areas of our programming.

Upcoming Events

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