Weekend School: Quran, Arabic, & Islamic Studies

Weekend School in New York for Quran,
Arabic & Islamic Studies Classes

Inspiring students to learn, love & live Islam!

At MAS Staten Island Academy – New York, our main goal is to provide our children with a safe, fun, and enriching environment, where they can spend their time in the best of company and utilize their time to better their faith.

At MAS Staten Island Islamic Academy, we are able to provide young Muslim Children a place to build their Islamic Identity by providing professional education in Arabic, Quran classes, and Islamic Studies, while also emphasizing the practice of the learned knowledge. We provide children with an opportunity to meet, get to know one another and interact in an Islamic environment.

Aside from studying the main subjects, we have competitions that allow students to practice their learned knowledge such as Salah Workshops, Annual Quran Competition, Islamic Studies Workshops, & Summer Camp. These competitions allow for students to compete in excelling in their knowledge and are rewarded with gifts & trophies.

Our Annual Quran competition is open to the general public. Anyone who has parts from the Quran memorized is able to participate. This encourages our Muslim children to grow in their knowledge in memorization of the Holy Book.

Our Salah Workshops are held twice a year. These workshops are held by a facilitators which guide the students in learning prayer properly. In these workshops, students are taught the importance and the steps necessary to complete their 5 daily prayers.

Every year MAS Islamic Academy offers a summer camp which allows for students to enjoy their time doing indoor & outdoor activities. They are provided with games, arts & crafts, delicious snacks, & trips throughout.

Throughout the school year students are awarded “Student of the Month” awards which are given to students who are recognized for their achievements & accomplishments. This motivates other students to strive towards achieving the same goal.

Weekend School in Staten Island

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